Warm Welcomes and a Workshop!


Wow! So what can we say? Life just got a little crazy there for a few months, ok maybe more like half the year but you know what I mean. We finally have had some free time in between project deadlines and events to sit down and play catch up on our sad little blog. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen all of our adventures so far this year but for those of you who don’t I’ll get you up to speed with a little update post here. PS you should totally follow us on Instagram because we are literally TWO followers away from 1000 and ready to do a fabulous giveaway!!!

So the first event of the year we spent shivering, sorta, in a semi immersive experience at historic Fort Wayne in Ft. Wayne, IN. It was an amazing site and we had a large group of new friends to meet and interact with. As the event was set in a military fort we were all portraying camp followers of one degree or another. Hayley put to use her fire making skills and kept our side of the blockhouse nice and toasty all weekend. I was committed to playing a hired cook for the officers of the event and spent the vast majority of my waking hours bent over a hearth and directing the other girls to attend to their duties and ensuring people were fed and warm. In other words I was like the house mom.

Fast forward a few months and we set up at the Lowe-Volk Parks Living History Days

Draping and cutting a new gown for event organizer Julie Rossington 

to forkick off our summer season. We brought out the traveling dressmakers shop and set out to custom drape and sew a gown for the organizer of the event. We hired on a friend to make a team of three and narrowly missed our deadline of finishing by the end of the weekend due to exhaustion, child tending, and just plain unpredictability of events.

A couple weekends later I soloed a timeline event at Fort Meigs for some working class fun as a tippling house or grog shop for the military.

Sutler for the military photo credit to B&K Photo

During that event I had the pleasure of first being introduced to Frank and Carol Jarboe, wonderful people with impeccable interpretations. I shot out early thanks to bad weather – it always storms for Meigs, ALWAYS- and rested up for the big fun show in July.

The next few weeks were spent sewing up a storm for the Jane Austen a festival held in Louisville, KY. We had a BLAST and it deserves its own post because I could rattle on all day about how much fun we had and everything we got to experience.

Sipping lavender lemonade and dishing with new friends at the Jane Austen Festival

Which brings us to our most recent event the Revolution on the Ohio Frontier event held at Fort Meigs sponsored by both the NWTA and the BARs Northwest Department.  Again this is an event that deserves a post of its own just because of everything that went on. So look forward to those two posts shortly ☺️.

Fashion for the Masses Civilian focused fashion show at Fort Meigs 
You don’t want to miss this

So that’s been our season thus far. We have one more event left to round out our year in October but before then we have a Beginners Living History workshop coming up on Saturday September 29th. The workshop is set up for anyone who is New or interested in the hobby and for those who are seasoned reenactors but are looking to maybe step up their game or see what’s changed in just the past couple of years. We’re hosting the event with the 1st WAC Separate Battalion, Headquarters Company also located in Ohio. For more details and to register for the event please head over to our event page, sorry guys it’s just easier to keep one place updated.

New sure do hope to see you at our workshop and greatly apologize for the lack of attention to our blog *promise we’ll try harder to keep this updated*

Until next time!



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