What have we learned?

DesignWell here we are one year and one thousand followers into this thing, this quest for knowledge through our own exploration and discovery. It’s still surreal to think we have as many followers and fans as we do. I think if you’d have told either of us that we’d be hosting workshops out of state, planning private events with our Civilian unit and having literally thousand(s) of followers we would think you were out of your mind, but here we are! So what would we say we’ve learned thus far through all of our travels and experience?

We have learned that…

  • This hobby can be as cliquey and cruel as our high school days, but being kind and welcoming goes a long way in making new friends and alliances.
  • Change can sometimes be hard to accept but with patient guidance and determination we can make a difference.
  • The majority of people are eager to learn and improve, but just don’t know where to start and need a little encouragement.
  • There are so many options for interpretations that there is no need to settle for what everyone else is doing!
  • Developing a persona is more important than hand sewing all of your kit.
  • Events don’t have to be military centric in order to be successful and entertaining.
  • You should enjoy what you’re doing and if not re-evaluate, after all this is a hobby!
  • Using period construction techniques is one of the most important factors in putting together a garment, not hand sewing. Don’t feel like you’re cheating just because you machine sewed interior seams.
  • There is nothing wrong with portraying the upper classes of society.
  • We need to see more cultural and socioeconomic diversity in the hobby. Not everyone living in the colonies was British/Anglo-American.
  • With some work the Midwest could have some great events just like our Coastie friends.
  • Hosting workshops, small demos, and classes at events may be an easy way to share our mission with others within the Midwest.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from sewing and the hobby for sanity’s sake.
  • We can make waves, good ones, in our little corner of the hobby.
  • With any luck we’ll be twice as successful next year!

Thank you all for the love and support over the past year! Stay tuned for our one year/one thousand followers giveaway announcement coming up on Wednesday of this week!


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