Day 11: Brittany’s Top Picks


We’re winding down to the very end of our Twelve Days of Christmas Shopping series and what better way to end than with our top pick gifts to give this year? So far we’ve covered everything from pretty jewelry and fun weekend getaways with our themed posts but this one will have a little bit of everything and, fingers crossed, nothing here will have shown up in any of our previous posts. So without further adieu my top six picks…

I’m an avid tea drinker and drinking tea from a fancy cup makes it all the more fun! Ever the fan of girly frou-frou things I am in love with this gorgeous teacup and saucer which comes in either pink or mint green with gold details. Pick it up here on etsy by AngiolletiDesigns. 

IMG_4417It’s no secret, I LOVE big 18th Century hair, but not everyone is blessed with super thick hair like mine and that’s where hair cushions come into play. We’ve preached a hundred times over that hairstyles have a huge impact on the overall look of an outfit. Simple and easy hairstyle don’t usually need any kind of support but when you really want to make an impression a hair cushion can help. Crafty folks with access to things like wool roving or horsehair can easily make their own, for everyone else look no further than the very affordable pieces offered on Etsy by JennylaFleur. 

Vintage Clothing. Who doesn’t love vintage clothing? I know that I’m obsessed with vintage styles, specifically the 1940s and 1950s looks, because they tend to just look better on my figure. Clothing is always nice to receive as a gift but nothing is better than getting a one of kind vintage piece and one of my new favorite places for vintage styles in a wide range of sizes is OverAttired Vintage on Etsy.

Ok so maybe there is a gift a little better than vintage clothes, reproduction vintage patterns. We’ve dished on our favorite patterns for the 18th and early 19th centuries and really not much has changed since then. When it comes to vintage patterns it seems the sky is the limit thanks to a number of small businesses scanning and meticulously translating and formatting patterns from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century. My favorite is Mrs. Depew Vintage with her huge selection of 1930s patterns (like 170 total!) plus around 60 children’s patterns!

IMG_4416In a previous post Hayley suggested having a portrait made for a loved one, which is totally awesome but can be pricey and a lengthy undertaking depending on the artist’s turn around time. Instead consider a more affordable, but equally awesome, option of having your silhouette cut. My husband and I had ours cut for our anniversary this year, it was a lot of fun sitting for Lauren, the artist, and everyone who sees them hanging on the wall remarks on how neat they are especially with the amount of detail captured. While sitting for a silhouette cutter is half the fun and it being so close to the holidays it’s probably too late to arrange that now, but Lauren of Silhouettes By Hand will cut them from photos and send them via snail mail.

We have shared tons of beautiful jewelry in many of our previous posts so by now you should know exactly where to shop for awesome sparkly things. Now when you get to the point where you own multiple pieces of pretty things you need an equally pretty place to store them which brings us to my next top pick; pretty jewelry storage. One word- Victorian Trading Company. Ok that was three but it’s one amazing company and I literally want one of everything in their catalog. They have a wonderful selection of pretty little jewelry storage boxes, I actually have the Blue Skies Footed Jewelry Box which I keep some of my favorite paste jewelry in for display.

– Brittany


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