Week 1: Regency Regimen Recap

We are like snowflakes, all different in our own beautiful way.

Today starts week 2 of the Regency Regimen experiment and we figured we’d recap week 1 for you guys and share everything we’ve learned so far through doing this experiment. 

So far I will say the biggest thing I’ve learned is I just don’t have the amount of down time to take 3 mile walks daily followed by all of the skin brushing and sponge bathing. My lifestyle isn’t necessarily crazy busy but not having a staff to take care of things like housework, meals, and educating the children I just don’t have the time for it all by myself. This type of schedule is much more suited to a lady of leisure and I’m sadly not a woman of leisure. 

I struggle with getting to bed before 10pm. At first it was really easy, I was exhausted coming down from two weeks straight of events and welcomed the idea of getting to bed on time, but after a few days I began to struggle with it. I enjoy having a few hours of me time after the kids go to bed which usually results in me staying up closer to 11pm or midnight. After years of this being my schedule I think I’m just naturally a night owl now. Even when forcing myself into bed by 10pm I don’t find myself getting any more restful sleep than normal. 

Broth before bedtime is weird. It’s comforting and I guess it works like a glass of warm milk before bed. I can’t vouch for its effectiveness but I guess at least I’m getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals every night. 

I’m not actually in the best shape and should probably stretch more. There once was a time where I ran track and danced and was generally active. That was many, many years ago. I am definitely not that person anymore. After three kids, some injuries, and major body changes I’m just not as limber or fast as I used to be. I try to remind myself while walking that these Regency ladies weren’t sprinting for 3 miles, they were leisurely strolling, admiring the flowers and countryside. It wasn’t a race, it was more about actually being active. 

Ive been using hair powder to brush my body after walks and now my skin is weirdly soft. I’ll be sharing a recipe this coming week on how to make your own friction oil from an 1825 guide using neatsfoot oil, alkanet root, and palm oil.

I like butter and spices. A lot. I have a really hard time shying away from the butter and I’m a sucker for curries and spices at dinner time which combined were thought to cause bilious disorders and were big no-no’s. Seeing as I have no gallbladder and already have liver and pancreas problems I’m probably the last person to ask if bilious issues are caused by spices and curries. Spicy foods can irritate an already cranky gallbladder, which stores and releases bile, and fats like butter are also no good for inflamed or diseased gallbladders so they were kind of on to something. They also recognized that waiting too long between meals wasn’t great for digestion and suggested taking small meals throughout the day, something we now know to be best practice. 

So far it seems like they had some pretty decent thoughts on health even if the whys and hows weren’t exactly correct. I’m excited to see what next week brings. 


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