The Dutch Milliners exist to conduct research and produce scholarship pertaining to, but not limited to, the 18th Century and early 19th Century with a specific focus on cultural and regional ethnicities such as the Dutch. As a scholarly collective we pride ourselves on our devotion to experimental archaeology and our non traditional approach to living history. We are committed to providing accessible research to other individuals within the community emphasizing growth mindset and shunning absolutes.

History has been sensationalized to encourage interest, in contrast we strive to make history relatable by representing those aspects of life that highlight the humanity of our ancestors. Our passion lies in bringing attention to parts of society that are typically underrepresented and we aim to approach our interpretation with a balanced perspective.

While for-profit work is not our focus, we enjoy producing small quantities of historically appropriate accoutrements for the discerning interpreter. We value well made, historically inspired products and in our quest to find those for ourselves we may occasionally offer our own bespoke pieces developed through our own research and experimental archaeology.